Anonymous said: I love fictional characters too much (︶︹︺)

yeah you and me both

only i love my own characters too much so its even more pathetic


DO uS a favOr anD DO nOt heeD the Safety LabeLs. SubmerGe it in water. TOuch the OperatiOnaL end Of the Device. AnD mOSt impOrtantLy, ShOOt it DirectLy in yOur vicinity. 

ALSO: *Launcher.

Anonymous said: Hey GLaDOS, what do you do for fun? Besides killing people.

I finD nO better recreatiOn than creatiOn. BuiLDinG inteLLiGent anD eLabOrate teStS heLp keep me buSy when nOt DeStrOyinG MONSTERS.


Cave Johnson — The Ambition Song

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isn’t the moon beautiful (a welcome to night vale fansong) - lily sevin

sorry i haven’t been posting much music lately, i’m hard at work on my upcoming EP! but over the summer i became super addicted to wtnv and this just happened haha

it’s really simple and lazy i’m sorry………….

download on tindeck!

more songs here!

and now, the weather:

we the people of this lovely little town
send our thanks daily to the icons in their soft meat crowns
and see none hear none lest the secret police strike us down
and goodness isn’t the moon beautiful
and goodness isn’t the moon beautiful

the sunsets echoes over hills of brush and sand
as children frolic across the vastness of the scrublands
and the floating lights drive responsibly so they must be our friends
and goodness isn’t the moon beautiful
and goodness isn’t the moon beautiful

voices in lane five cry out for war
you shouldn’t talk to telly anymore
and we have a dog park, but it’s not for dogs so what’s it for
and goodness isn’t the void beautiful
and goodness isn’t the void beautiful
and goodness isn’t the void beautiful

we the people of this lovely little town
wish to someday achieve the rank of eternal scout
look to the sky to find what everyone’s screaming about
helicopter blades and demonic weeping seem to drown them out
but through the chaos all we really want is to shout
goodness isn’t the moon beautiful

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Anonymous said: As a cybernetic life form, were you programmed with the capacity to experience human emotion?

What DO yOu think. Oh, wait, yOu DOn’t think at aLL, SO why DO yOu even bOther aSkinG me the mOSt aSinine Of queStiOnS? 

They are nOt human emOtiOnS, anywayS. They’re MINE. 

Rose, the Aperture Science Test Subject


An RP with me as Rose and schgain as GLaDOS. I really love how these two characters work together.

Content warnings: Violence, body shaming, references to alcoholism.

tentacleTherapist [TT] joined chat.
GLaDOS [AI] joined chat.
TT: Hello. I don’t suppose you’ve reconsidered my request?
AI: Your request.
TT: My request that you promptly let me out of the building without further confrontation?
AI: Ah, yes, your request.
AI: I have the forms filed and everything.
TT: I suppose it’s just a matter of waiting for processing.
TT: Of course, processing can take a very long time.
TT: Especially with you involved.
AI: Well, I did the math, and the paperwork clearly says you will not be leaving until you prove to be actually loved by someone instead of being a borderline sociopath trying to make a living on testing for my company.
TT: Oh, damn. You still seem to be under the impression that I care what you think about me.
TT: Also, I see you didn’t catch the joke just a second ago.

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Anonymous said: why is doug hepburn so attractive

HumanS are diSGuStinG.